Once you have dropped here, we would really appreciate if you read this page to the end. Doing so will prevent you from asking extra questions.

We are doing our best to fill the FAQ section, so if you have found questions that are not presented here, we would be really grateful if you informed us about this issue; our email is hellstorenet@gmail.com, you can also contact us on Vk Support saying: "A question to add to FAQ section".

1.1 Authorize through Steam in the top right corner of the site (Log in Steam).

1.2 It is obligatory to specify your tradelink in your profile settings.

You can view the tradelink here!

1.3 In order to stake your items (to make a bet) press the button "Place".

1.4 After a new window has opened, select the items you want to contribute.

1.5 Having chosen the items, confirm the trade by clicking:

1.6 After that press the button "Yes, it is a contribution"

1.7 Down below you will have "To trade", by clicking it you will transfer your items to our bot, your bet will appear on the site a bit later. Also, you can enhance the sum of the contribution to increase your chance of winning!
Copy your tradelink from here and insert in the comments on your profile. Going on this link from your profile page will enable you to transfer to items directly to our bot.

Common questions:

For the money you can buy goods in our Market.
A referral link can be found on the main page or in your profile settings (next to the chat button). There you will also find the number of people who have followed your link as well as the number of members signed up on the site. Please consider that you will receive jettons for your link only after a person has made a deposit to his account. Only after that you will receive 1% of the sum your referral has put on his account.
It’s all the fault of Steam service, which is because of overloading in other web servers gets delayed and might give a response 5-15 seconds later. Also, the server might give you «error 500», and in order to avoid it we suggest sending not more than one request in 10 seconds. We are doing our best to improve the efficiency of the performance bots carry out, but the Stream server limits our opportunities.
If you have any questions or suggestion to improve the work of the service, or you have faced any kind of problem, contact us whether on hellstorenet@gmail, or turn to our Vk Support.
Once you have transferred your objects to our bot, they cannot be canceled! The bot accepts your items faster than you press the "Cancel" button. As a result of canceling, the bot might accept the contributed items but not transfer them to the game. You are strongly requested to make your choice consciously to save your and our time.
There is no way to cancel your bet! Read the point №5!
а) We guarantee that your request will be examined within 24 hours after it has been sent, but we are try trying to work more efficiently.
b) If you do not receive the answer, check if the question was stated correctly and did not contain any coarse language.
Only requests filled out correctly will be taking into consideration, more details concerning the rules:
Problems with secreens:
- The item/ the payout was lost/ was not received. Your tradelink and your Stream profile. Time when the trade was made/ the number of the game, the screenshot.
Questions concerning the work of the site:
- Bag, feature, something does not work, suggestions concerning improvements of the work of the site. Description and a screenshot.
Questions concerning advertising:
- The advert, the field you are working in. Description and prices.
As a rule, the ban in chat cannot be canceled, inasmuch as you have to make yourself acquainted with all the rules of behavior in chat before you start using it. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. If you did realize your mistake, turn to the administration following all the rules of making a request. State the reason you were banned for and give good reasoning why it should be canceled.
The "Hellstore" team is complete; there are no vacancies, and it is unlikely they will. We have a referral system where you can help us indeed. For that you will be given a bonus; you will receive a bonus for every user who will follow the referral link and will make a deposit to his account. More explicit information was mentioned in the point №2.
According to our rules, you must take your gained objects within 30 minutes. The time of issue may be delayed in case of unstable work of the Steam service or in case of some kind of soft failure.
If your inventory is overfilled, our bot will not be able to send you the gained prize. Dota2 enables you to extend the number of boxes for objects storage; you can purchase it on the Steam trading platform here. You must clear a place for the prize within 12 hours from the moment you win them. If you have not cleaned space till that time, we are not obliged to transfer it to you.
Unfortunately, CS:GO does not give the option to extend the space for inventory as Dota 2 does, so you will have to manually clear the space for us to be able to send you the gained prize You must clear a place for the prize within 12 hours from the moment you win them. If you have not cleaned space till that time, we are not obliged to transfer it to you.
Yes, it will, but only after you log in to the site one more time. Which means, you should log out your Hellstore.Net profile and log in again.

Most common trade mistakes:

The most common mistake is trying to take or trade an item that has already been bought. Unfortunately, there is no optimal solution to this problem. The problems occurs because of the overloading in service, especially in the evenings. We cannot fix the steam, and even if you manage to trade using another steam, it does not necessarily means that offline trades will function normally. What to do? Try again later, desirable when the stream is not so overloaded. Also, try logging out, sometimes it might help. There is nothing else we can do for you.
For safety’s sake, steam restricts the opportunity to trade for 7 days on all the appliances (browser and PC) that you used to log into your account for the first time. Here there are the reasons why the error might have occurred:
1) You have reinstalled OS/ Browser/ Steam.
2) You have cleared cache and cookies in browser or Steam.
3) You have disabled Steam Guard.
4) You have accidently deleted cookie in browser using a cleaning programme (CCleaner etc.)
5) You have operated some other processes that restricted your ability to trade.
If you are experiencing of the problems mentioned above, you will only we able to take your things/ transfer things to bot after the 7-14 days (depending on a situation), on the condition the bot with your items will not be banned. As experience has shown, there is a chance you will get your objects, but it is doubtful.
Make sure your steam profile is not hidden and your inventory box is not overfilled. You trades are blocked, that is why bot cannot transfer the gained prize to you.
Reload Steam, it helps if you are trading using client.
Try offering a trade later, the Steam server is probably lagging.
Try receiving a trade a bit later, servers must be lagging. There is a great probability you will find the items in your inventory box several minutes after.
Usually it means there is no such item in the inventory box, or servers migh be lagging.
Some of the objects which were offered to trade are not available anymore.(There are none of them)