What is the Hellstore.net?

Hellstore is service, where users make their subjects and the system selects the winner, who gets all contributed items from games like CS:GO and Dota2.

How to use?

  1. Authorize through Steam in the site’s top right corner (Log in Steam).
  2. Select the appropriate game.
  3. Enjoy!

How to play?

  • All participants contribute items (skins CS:GO, Dota2) or jettons Hellstore (1 jetton = $ 0.01). When maximum number of items are completed or game time passed, the system randomly selects through fair game winner, who takes all. Mostly wins one, who contributed the more expensive things.

What is a fair game?

  1. For each contributed $ 0.01 (1 cent) you get 1 number.
  2. At the beginning of each game, our system takes totally random long number from 0 to 1 (for example 0.8092768295760276), encodes it through md5, and shows it in encoded form in the beginning of the game. (if you do not know what a md5 is - you can read the article on Wikipedia) Then, when the game is finished, the system displays the number, which was encoded properly at the beginning (you can check it online at md5.cz) and multiplies it by the full amount of games (in cents).
  3. For example, at the end of the game total sum is $ 1,000 and $ 1,000 = 100,000 cents ($ 1 = 100 cents), so you will need to multiply the number of 0.8092768295760276 on 100,000 cents (numbers were taken as an example) and obtain the number 80927. In other words, in the game win a person, who has the number 80927.
  4. Consequently, larger sum than you cotribute - the more numbers you get, and thus higher chance to get the same number.
  5. That's all. The principle of fair play is that we can not know what will be sum at the end of the game, and random number to multiply sum we give at the beginning of the round and therefore even if we strongly wanted this, it would never have been able to make false winner.

Principe is simple

The more and more expensive items you bet, the greater chance to hit the jackpot! But even putting 1 cent, you have the opportunity to get all the items!

Rules and specialities:

  1. Payout is transferred directly into the automatic mode. Rarely the time of issue may be delayed up to several minutes.
  2. Every time when you post objects, you agree with the rules of use of the site.
  3. To support our project, we take dynamic commision
  4. If your inventory is closed or you didn’t specify the correct link to the inventory, the next and the last try to send the prize will be in maximum 30 minutes. If the second time you are not able to exchange or you had a full inventory of things, or the incorrect link to the exchange, the exchange will not be sent again.
  5. We take things only for CS: GO, other things will be accepted, but will not be counted at the site. Also we can guarantee proper valuation of things only when it is on the trade field, otherwise your item may be misjudged.
  6. It is forbidden to put the souvenir items and souvenir sets, such transfers are canceled.
  7. We are not responsible in any form. Whether banned our bots or any other problems with the exchange. You must understand this and have no claims on us.


  1. We don’t save any user data, except login to Steam and your link to your inventory.
  2. Your avatar and the name of Steam will be available to all users only after bringing in a deposit subjects.

Rules in the chat:

  1. The position of the rules of behavior in chat of Hellstore.net
  2. Any disturbance of one of these rules is punishable by a temporary ban and to life off the chat.
  3. In the chat Hellstore.net are forbidden:
  4. 1.Flooding (ask the drop, share things in the same sense, etc.)
  5. 2.Insult, humiliate in any words, methods chat members.
  6. 3.Discuss work of site administration, dispute etc.
  7. Rules of behavior in Chat
  8. 1.Moderator is always right and isn’t bound to anyone!
  9. 2.If you don’t agree with the rules above, then read it as long as you will agree ;)
  10. 3.Don’t flood (no unnecessary phrases and symbols in the chat).
  11. 3-a.It is also very advisable not to write your message in uppercase. (in capital letters).
  12. 3-b.It is not recommended to use FlOaTiNg TyPe. This is equated to a higher point.
  13. 4.Propagandize violence, race or ethnic discrimination, advertise drugs or something.
  14. 5.No one has the right to swear very rude or foul language in any form, even with the replacement of the word with other characters. Nor is forbidden simply insulting members of the chat.
  15. 6.Prohibited deception (entry under other registered users). This is regarded as a violation and is punishable by ban chat forever.
  16. 7.It is forbidden to write in nikes (links to other resources with the same topics, scripts etc.)
  17. 8.Don’t throw in the chat Ref links or references to others resources.
  18. If you break the rules, the moderator gives the size specified in its sole discretion, if someone is against, look at point 1 and 2.
  19. Hellstore never asks you drop, things for something.
  20. Hellstore never changes its constitution, and it is always full.
  21. Rights and obligations of moderators:
  22. Look at point 1 and 2.
Complete rules are here!